Google+ Profile Pictures Gets Animated GIF Support

Google+ Profile Pictures Gets Animated GIF SupportGoogle have been busy the past few weeks focusing on a lot of different things, Google Keep to name one. But what they’ve also been focusing on is animated GIF’s with the new option to search for just animated GIF images within Googles Image Search and now Animated GIF support for Google+ profile pictures.

This new addition to Google+ profiles is probably an attempt to become more current and appeal to those who love cat meme’s and GIFS of dogs running into screen glass doors. It seems like Google have been focusing a lot on the humble GIF recently so what’s up Google’s sleeve?

I have a couple of ideas!

A Vine Rival – Vine is the new app from Twitter that’s currently exclusive to iOS devices and features the ability to create quick 6 second clips of your pets, your food, or some other humdrum activity. A Google version of Vine would not only be more superior, but it’d probably be an Android exclusive and involve Google+ a lot.

A GIF Maker – Google could implement a GIF creator within their Android OS. Whether it’s a part of the Movie Maker app or an entirely new app this could quite possibly happen. Google GIF’s perhaps?

That’s just me spit balling here however. This might not happen at all.

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