Sometimes the simplest idea can be the greatest. It’s with that in mind that I find myself currently addicted to a little game for Android by the name of 7×7.

Inspired by the classic game of five or more, 7×7 is an excited new twist on a classic childhood game. It’s games like this that make me smile to live in a age of technology. Odd thing to say I know but when you live in a world of social updates, software downloads, and so much more, It’s nice to have a little charming gaming to lose yourself in for hours at a time.

The rules of the game are simple. Match the coloured squares together in horizontal, vertical or diagonal fashion of at least four of the same colour. This is done by a simple drag and drop touch interface which allows you to move the blocks across the game board. Interestingly though, you are limited by where you can move a block by the position of other blocks. In simple terms, don’t block yourself in – no pun intended. This in turn gives you points and power ups to use as you push yourself to gain the highest score possible. There is even a nice little ‘level’ bar to keep things moving forward. As you clear more blocks you slowly level up which increases the number of blocks which will spawn after every move, starting at three.

7×7 offers a simple idea with a beautiful and simplistic design. That said I did find issues with the touch controls on some devices. Dragging blocks around is fine and for the most part works great. However, I found myself on the odd occasion seeing my block just drop in the middle of a move. This was more present on my HTC rather then my Nexus 7 which leads me to the conclusion that the screen size could effect the gameplay. That said I wouldn’t let it put you off 7×7 as this is an issue I found about one in ever twenty or so moves. Regardless I still find myself playing this at every opportunity I can as it’s just so addictive and fun.

There isn’t really much else I can say about 7×7 due to the simplicity of this puzzle game. Sure enough though this doesn’t stop it from being a great app for your Android device. It’s fun, addictive and overall a great finished product. It isn’t much but it’s prefect for what it is.

Make sure to try your hand at 7×7 and set your own high score now. Find it on the Google Play store. Also make sure to follow them on Twitter.

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