94 seconds

94 seconds

You’re given one category, one letter, and 94 seconds to guess as many words as possible to get the high score. That is basically the concept behind 94 seconds and it’s insanely addictive.

It sounds simple, and that’s what makes this game great, anyone can pick it up and gave a go whenever and wherever they are. All you need are quick thumbs to type the answer in as quick as possible, but what’s good about the game is that the answer could be anything as long as it begins with the letter you’re given – A fruit starting with P? the answer ‘Peach’ would give you 1 point, but you’ll get 2 points for Persimmon. The more obscure the answer the more points you receive. If you get 5 or 10 correct answers in a row you’re awarded bonus points on top of the points you get for correct answers so speediness and accuracy is the key.

94 SecondsIf you know what you want to put, but aren’t sure how to spell it (who know’s how to spell Mississippi anyway?) if you’re close enough you’ll get a point anyway!

I’ve played this game non stop since I downloaded it and even got my wife in on the action and now we’re stuck in competition to try and get the highest score. If you find yourself stuck with a word you have the chance to use one of four ‘Jokers’ can help with finding the answer and getting a better high score. If you’ve ran out of Jokers you can always skip, but as a penalty you lose three seconds.

It’s a fast thinking, puzzle game that’s so simple you’ll sometimes find yourself stumped.

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