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the flash

So for this segment were going to run through the legacy of a superhero called The Flash.

Overall there’s been four people who have taken up the mantle of The Flash. This week we’ll start at the beginning and work our way through a confusing but entertaining legacy.

Jay Garrick was young chemistry student from Keystone city who was experimenting with the use of hard water and how to purify it. However his experiment resulted in fumes leaking out and endowing him with super-speed. From here decided to use his powers for good and became the first Flash. This was way back in the 40’s and when it came to the 50’s the superhero publishing industry lost popularity and this characters book ceased to publish.

Thanks to the Comics Code Authority censoring material this effectively ended what is known as the Golden age of superheroes.

Though a decade later the Silver age began and with came a completely different person as a Flash who wasn’t Jay. To explain away this error it was revealed Garrick existed in a parallel universe called earth 2, separate from the new Flash but several years later however a comic book event called Crisis on Infinite Earth’s happened ending all the parallel realities DC had in continuity. It was then explained Jay and the new Flash existed in the same universe but Jay’s hometown Keystone city had been hidden from existence until a team up with the new Flash ended this.

by Loren flash

While the new Flash was on the Justice League. Jay was on a team called the Justice Society, a team for first generation superheroes dedicated to training the next generation. Jay was now portrayed as semi-retired man who slightly showing the effects of ageing.

One of the allies the tremendous trio had was God called Mercury.Many years after introducing this change to the status quo in 2011 DC introduced a new comic event called Flashpoint in which the new Flash altered reality causing Jay and the Justice Society to return back to their separate universe. This universe differed however as in this reality Batman, Superman and Wonder woman give their lives to defeat an ongoing alien invasion which has damaged the planet.

In this reality Jay is young man who is a down on his luck high school graduate with a history of athletics. After his girlfriend leaves him after it becomes clear the future does not look great for him, Jay goes and ponders what’s next when all of a sudden he’s approached by a dying Mercury and endowed with the power of speed. After Jay experiments with his new found powers he makes a remark about how he can move in a flash and things go from there.

On this Earth 2 Jay has joined with the new incarnation of the Justice Society.

Jay can also be seen in the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon and was responsible for training a young Batman according the cartoons own continuity.


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