The Flash

It's sounded like a Barry good idea

So last week you probably noticed I kept talking about a ‘new Flash’ –  now it time to tell that story.

Barry Allen was born late and was mostly described as enjoying taking things slow. In his childhood his mother was killed and his father was blamed, this mystery still hasn’t been solved.

Like Jay before him he had a love of chemistry; he pursued hislove for science and became a lab technician in Central city, the twin city of the first Flashes hometown Keystone city.

Barry used his chemistry skills constantly to try and work out his mothers real killer. One night while working late in the lab a bolt of lighting strikes a shelf full of chemicals dousing Barry thus granting a link to a energy called the ‘speed force.’

The speed force is a power source everyone with speed powers uses to access their powers. This allows them to run fast and vibrate through objects. Barry uses his powers to become The Flash and right the wrongs of his troubled city.

He is a member of the Justice League and a film is currently in the works about his origins which is exciting. The Flash battled primarily a loose collection of super villains called the Rogues, a group of super powered petty criminals. All this sadly came to an end during Crisis on Infinite Earth’s and Barry gave his life to save all of reality.

The mantle was then passed to another user of the Speed force. In 2010 however Barry was awoken from his dirt nap during the story event Blackest Night in which deceased superheroes rose from the dead. Barry was back from the dead and his rivalry with his arch-nemesis Professor Zoom was heating up.

In the quest for the truth about his mother Barry ended up altering the course of history in the story event Flashpoint. The world of Flashpoint saw super-heroes become threats to society. After Barry corrected this error he found himself in a new world in which is known as The New 52.

When it comes to love interested Iris West played a big part in Barry’s life until the New 52 and this relationship crumbles and is replaced by fellow lab tech Patty Spivot. But a  lot of the Flashes world still needs to be explained as the New 52 goes on.

Barry also had sidekick by the name of Kid Flash, who was the next to take up the legacy of the Flash.

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