Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook Newsfeed

Today Facebook is saying goodbye to clutter as they announced a new design for the Facebook News Feed. With a strong focus on allowing the users to enjoy the stories that matter the new design will reduce clutter and enhance the visual experience. More vibrant and colourful stories will highlight the content that matters including photos, news articles, maps and much more looking brighter and more beautiful. Along with this Facebook will introduce several News Feed which allow users to explore content in a more organized way. This includes ‘All friends’,‘Music’ and ‘Following’.

The interesting factor here is that Facebook have stated that the main inspiration for this redesign was that of the mobile platform. With users coming on for minutes at a time it’s important for Facebook to keep things simple and with a growing number of mobile users, the idea seems gold. This has resulted in a design which is unified and consistent across web and mobile. The concern here is that web users may find the ‘touch inspired’ interface a bit tricky to get around at first. That said however it may result in a better user experienced across the board.

Facebook will be rolling out the new update over the next coming weeks on web and mobile platforms. To get your hands on it early, or to learn more visit https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed and join the waiting list. Web and iOS users will get the update first with Android following soon after.

With all the initial negative feedback on the ‘timeline’ it’s a concern to think how this redesign will go down. After all, Facebook users are not always in favour of such large changes.

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