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Everyone’s favourite feathered friends have managed to add yet another feather to their hat. The minds over at Rovio have come up with a brand new way to entertain us all, Angry Birds Toons. The new short cartoons feature all of the Birds in hilarious situations and even introduce some new friends.Chuck Time Title Page

ANGRY BIRDS TOONS brings to life the characters and adventures from one of the beloved games in history. It reveals the fun and sneaky worlds of the Birds and their nemesis Piggies.

Angry Birds has gone from strength to strength since it’s release in 2009! Yes, it was that long ago. And with it’s release have come many new updates; some spin-off app, the likes of Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars which I’ve Bye-Bye Red!reviewed; clothing and other apparel; toys; lunchboxes; bags and even golf balls! You can go to your local arcade and see an Angry Bird sitting there waiting to be won. In fact you can go anywhere in the world and find one in an arcade, as I recently found out on my trip to Florida. Kids were wearing their T-Shirts, adults had the cases on their phones. It was everywhere.

Angry Birds Toons aired it’s first episode 16th March 2013 and have planned 52 more episodes so far, to be released weekly. So there a years worth of feathered fun already coming your way! As stated it first aired 16th March on Television and was then released in all Angry Birds apps on 17th March. There are videos that show you making off episodes, as well as a ‘trailer’ to the popular Angry Birds Star Wars! And let’s not forget the Bad Piggies, who will also be starring alongside the Birds in future episodes.

In other Angry Birds related news it has recently come to light that Angry Birds Space will be getting its very own "He Doesn't Like You"attractions at The Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This Space themed interactive area is all part of NASA and The Kennedy Space Center idea to tell kids of today to reach for the stars and promote the joys of space to the next generation. Look out Mickey, you could be getting some competition.

Have you gotten a chance to watch Angry Birds Toons yet, if so what did you think? If not what are you expecting from the guys at Rovio? As always leave your comments below!

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