Blood Bowl Chaos Edition

Blood Bowl Chaos Edition
I noticed Blood Bowl a little while back and thought that it looked like a good game, I’m not a huge sports fan but it didn’t matter because the game looked like it focused more around the opponents beating each other up with weapons. I thought Madden mixed with World of Warcraft maybe? Well it’s not..

I knew the game was based around the Games Workshop table top game of the same name, but I thought it’d be a little more epic and involved than rolling dice and moving your players around the board. I had hopes for an all out brawler mixed with American Football where the main goal was to score as many points, but in the process you could shove, smash, crush and maim your opponents out of the way and eventually become the most brutal Blood Bowl team ever.

I was wrong. Though the game has a very video game appearance and was kind-of fun to a point it is essentially just the table top game with animations and lack of social interaction, unless you go online of course.

Blood Bowl Chaos Edition

Though I’m not too into table top games like Warhammer and other well known table top games that I have no idea about, I could pick up this game quite easily. There is a rather drab and stretched out tutorial on the basics which bored me to tears, but as soon as I could jump into the game I lost, repeatedly. Though the tutorial outlined the basics within the game, I had no clue on how to ‘train’ my team members before a match, I knew it involved rolling dice, but each time I tried, I failed which then prevented me from trying to ‘train’ anyone else.

Once I’d tried and failed to train any of my team I then chose my starting formation. There are a few pre-sets to choose from or if you’re knowledgeable in the game you can create your own and save it. From here the game begins, much like American Football (I presume) one player from the opposite team kicks the ball towards the other, and from here begins the slow game of Blood Bowl.

If you manage to get the ball to your side you then have to pick it up if one of your team players hadn’t caught it already. From here begins the painful chore of moving your players to their available squares and providing the square you choose doesn’t cross an opposing team player, if this happens a dice roll decides whether you pass by without harm or not. If you’re unlucky and your player gets owned in the face by a huge troll fist then your turn is over. Once you’ve watched your opponent play an almost flawless turn it’s then your go to try and score a goal or try, or touchdown.. I don’t know – assuming you still have the ball that is.

Blood Bowl Chaos Edition

Much like the real sport it’s just a game of backwards and forwards. The further you progress up the field, there’s always going to be an Orc on hand to knock you down and the circle starts all over again. As I write this I still haven’t managed to score one point. I’ve had possession of the ball a lot, but that’s about all really.

If you’re into table top games and sport, I’m sure this game is for you, but speaking as someone who judged the box by it’s cover who isn’t into sport or table top games I don’t like this game, and it’ll just go to the bottom of my video game pile. The only good thing about this game is the cometary from two undead characters but that can become annoying at times.

If you want to give Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition a go you can get it on Steam for £19.99.

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