Borderlands 2 Krieg

With PAX East coming to an end, developer Gearbox took to the stage to announce some upcoming updates to the much loved Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 Krieg

New Playable Character

Gearbox has confirmed a new playable character for Borderlands 2 bringing the total up to six. The soon to be release character goes by the name Krieg the Psycho who is a ‘reformed’ bandit who is an ace with melee attacks and throwing weapons. Gearbox have described Krieg as being a ‘high risk, high reward character’ and that he is best when rushing the enemy head on using his action skill, fittingly named Blood Axe Rampage, and hacking away at them. Details on his skill trees shows that he is very customisable to fit any play style. Though no exact release date has be announced I’m sure we can looking forward to seeing him added to Borderlands 2. Note however that he isn’t included in the season pass and will require a separate purchase. Krieg will be available some time in May and will cost $9.99 or 800 MS Points.

Level Cap Raised – Finally

After fans asking for a rather long time Gearbox is finally answering to it’s fans. On Apil 2nd Gearbox have confirmed that 11 new levels will be added to the game taking the total to 61. Alongside this there will be changes to weapon rarity as a new tier is added titled ‘Pearlescent’. They will now become the rarest loot in Borderlands 2 and offer a great sense of reward to those who acquire them. Lastly, a new mode will be added called Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Mode and will be free to all gamers. The level raise will be free to seasons pass holder and for $4.99 for everyone else.

Next single player campaign teased

Did you think a level raise would be the fourth and finally add on for season pass holders? Not at all as Gearbox gave us the first look at the next campaign. Not much is know other then it will be the ‘biggest yet’ and that the teaser video gives us a Borderlands 2 styled look at a Dungeons & Dragons like game. Tiny Tina will make a return and by the looks of things the title for the next campaign may be the name of the featured game. Bunkers and Badasses. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Gearbox have put a lot on the table for gamers and you can look forward to more details on all of these in the coming weeks.

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