Castle Story

Castle StoryOkay, so it’s not quite the stand out game at PAX but in the Indie game scene it’s definitely one that’s caught my eye. Castle Story is an addictive castle building voxel-based sandbox game similar to Minecraft but with a twist.

The same Minecraft-esque concept is there, but it adds a more real-time-strategy element to it which separates it from the Minecraft crowd. It’s also more of a point and click rather than a FPS sandbox building game which again pushes it apart from Minecraft.

The game itself is based on various islands floating in the sky and you take control of little yellow minions as it were (called Bricktrons) giving them various tasks such as woodcutting, mining, and building. Different areas can be created which allow the Bricktrons to get on with their work in a dedicated area leaving more room for building your epic castle.

The Bricktrons can work together too essentially making a huge production line passing different resources amongst eachother to get the job done quickly and more efficiently. Similar to The Sims once various tasks have been assigned they go about their business until the job in hand is completed or the resources are full. Come night time though the Bricktrons play a totally different role. Much like Minecraft as soon as the sun sets little nasties come out with the sole aim of destroying anything you create. In this game however you’re not outnumbered 10-1, the Bricktrons to everything they can do defend their handywork.

Don’t worry too much about your Bricktrons however because an infinite number of them can be created, at a cost though mind you. To create Bricktrons you must harvest an illusive blue crystal.

The building aspect however sets it apart from Minecraft with added realism which requires vast structures needing the right support or you’ll see your entire castle crumble before your eyes. Classic concepts of fortification need to be applied also with the onslaught of projectiles and ballistics from the enemy attempting to destroy your handywork.

There’s plans for a Multiplayer where players can either play with or against their friends either in an epic attempt to build the largest castle, or an overall fight for resources with opposing castles fighting against each other to become the ultimate Castle Story champion.

It’s currently in the early stages of Beta with no availability to the public just yet but Castle Story will soon be available to pre-order on Steam, and those who do will have access to the beta once it launches. The developers are hoping to launch the game sometime this year, but that could well be delayed thanks to the developers Sauropod wanting to hold off until their game is 110%.

Check the video for an example of Castle Story’s gameplay!

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