RainSony released this exclusive footage of it’s new game Rain, a game which features the most unlikely character utilising the most unlikely weather conditions.

Rain is a fairly simple game coming to PSN soon which features a ghostly boy who’s searching for an equally ghostly girl. The only way you or anyone in the game can see the boy is if he’s in, you guessed it, Rain. As soon as the boy escapes the rain he becomes invisible and the only way the player can tell where he is, is either by the wet footsteps (which soon dry out) and the camera position.

The gameplay footage shows this in the most eloquent way along with a demonstration of how the boy’s ghostly figure can still interrupt the surroundings even though he’s not visible. The game also features a monster of some kind, a sort of skeleton dog ghost which for some unknown reason is chasing after the boy and the girl he’s searching for. The footage also demonstrates how the dog-like ghosts can be avoided utilising doorways and balconies as cover from the rain thus making the boy invisible and out of sight from the monsters.

There’s no date as yet for the release of Rain but it’s exclusives like this that make me want to buy a PS3..

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