Cow Crusher

Cow Crusher

GameTheNews are probably most well known with creating tongue in cheek games that highlight news and current affairs in a more humorous manner. Cow Crusher is just that, and with the current horse meat scandal it’s sparked an idea for a game where the main objective is to keep your meat factory’s output at 100% beef.

Cow Crusher is a simple pixel style game where the player has to tap the corresponding button to the requested cut of meat. There’s only three to choose from (burger, steak, leg) so getting the initial grasp of the game is pretty easy.

Cow CrusherTo make the game a little more difficult and to include GameTheNews’s tongue in cheek commentary on current affairs you not only have to tap the correct cut of meat, but also avoid crushing horses which to make things worse, happen to be occasionally coloured like cows. Oh, and the production line speeds up the longer you play adding even more difficulty to the game.

As soon as I saw this game I had to get it, one; For the humor, and two; Because it actually looked like a great game with continuous playability and that’s just what it is!

GameTheNews’s design and production director Tomas Rawlings commented, “Cow Crusher is part of an ongoing experiment into how games can play a role in news and current affairs and this time we’ve opted for a more fun approach to the topic.”

Cow CrusherDid I mention that this game was created in only 3 days? To check out GameTheNews’s other games, visit their website at

You can play Cow Crusher for free online here or download the Android version here (iOS version coming soon).

Happy Crushing!

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