TimeSplitters Rewind

TimeSplitters RewindDetails have been revealed by Cooking With Grenades of a fan made TimeSplitters reboot called TimeSplitters Rewind. TimeSplitters Rewind is an attempt to merge all three of the TimeSplitters games to create a new free TimeSplitters game that runs on CryEngine 3.

The details are still pretty vague but what we do know is that Crytek have given the green light via an informal Facebook conversation on the 100,000 Strong for Timesplitters 4 Facebook Page.

The development team of 25 were given full permission to use the original TimeSplitters models and assets but have decided to build this game from the ground up using CryEngine 3 which will give the game a more smoother and polished feel than just a crappy port. The game will center around the popular multiplayer mode as well as the series’ Challenge Mode. A demo is rumoured to be released in December later this year with the full game to follow sometime early 2014, so budding TimeSplitters fans better make note.

[Source: Cooking With Grenades via Game Informer]

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