Dollar Dash

Dollar DashWhen I heard that a game called Dollar Dash was coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN I wasn’t sure what to expect. I usually expect games that have “Dash” in the title to appear on mobiles that involve Diners or Diamonds with the game play being as poor as the title themselves, but I was surprised with Dollar Dash and it’s looney top down criminal mayhem.

The main goal in all three games that are available in Dollar Dash is to come out the top crook. It’s heavily multiplayer focused and plays best with friends or online with other players. Immediately when you start the game the opening cinematic shows you how the game is played, one bumbling thief comes out of the bank with a bag full of swag, closely followed by another tossing fireworks at the guy in front. The thief being chased eventually makes it to his get away van and gets away with the stash whereas the other thief is left behind having to deal with the security guard.

Dollar DashThe overall game play experience is fun, frustrating, confusing, and hilarious. You along with three other players play as one of the coloured crooks, you run around to collect as much cash as possible before dumping your loot in the get-away van. During your scramble for as much green as you can carry you’re also picking up a variety of daft weaponry such as Bear Traps, Snowballs, Petrol Bombs, and Jelly Shields which you use against the opposing players. The winner is the player that managed to accumulate as much cash as possible when the time is up.

There are two other game types also; Save the Safe which is sort of a King of the Hill/Capture the Flag style game where each player must try and grab the safe and hold it for as long a possible whilst trying to avoid the onslaught of plungers, tasers, and oil. And finally the Hit & Run game mode where players are rewarded for brawling with the other players – the winner is the player who dealt the most damage.

Players can also take their earnings into the store and upgrade weapons, purchase headgear, and earning perks which ultimately increase your chances of winning over the other players.

Though the overall idea of the game sounds great the execution is not. It took me a good few games to realise how to play the game and that there were more controls that meet the eye, It took me around three or four games to realise that the X and B buttons were also utilised to fire weapons or drop traps which in a game that promotes easy pick-up-and-play action, that that isn’t the case at all.

Dollar DashControls aside the gameplay can quickly become confusing and you can often be trying to control one of the other players by mistake. Though each of the characters has a different coloured outfit, you can customise your characters appearance thank’s to some funky hats, though this is more aesthetically pleasing, it does affect your game play somewhat.

Overall this game is a great party game for you and some friends, it’s fairly easy to pick up but does take a few games to get into the swing of things. It’s replayability is somewhat lacking though. After a few games I found myself getting a little bored and frustrated at the game, the AI is far too good at the game compared to every other real player that we’ve come across. The single player side of the game is just as frustrating and ultimately makes you realise how lonely you are.

It’s a good game for the occasional time killer and I did enjoy it – to a point. But looking at it from a more critical point of view it’s no more than a five minute time waster.

You can find Dollar Dash on Xbox Live Arcade (800MS Points), The PlayStation Network (£7.99), and PC (£7.99)

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