Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4EA are encouraging fans of the Battlefield series to sign up to their site so they eventually reveal more about the next game in the Battlefield series and while you wait you can wipe away the rain to reveal tanks!

A recent visit to redirected me to a new site which teases the next game with a brand new date on which they’ll reveal some gameplay footage of the next Battlefield game, Battlefield 4. If you don’t have an Origin account then don’t worry, if you’re quick enough you can wipe away the rain to reveal the unlockable art. If you’re too lazy for even that, sign up to Origin to get exclusive access to not only the tank art, but also a new blurry cam shot of an aircraft carrier which has lead some people to speculate that this game is going to be heavily focused on naval battles.

You’ll also notice that once you have access there’s a progress bar at the bottom that for me is currently a third of the way through. Users who sign in will also be awarded an “I Was There” dogtag that can be used in Battlefield 3!

A date is also mentioned (March 27) on which a first glimpse of Battlefield 4 gameplay will be shown.

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