Coloured iPhones

Coloured iPhones

Cult of Mac reported yesterday that amongst various rumours that the next iPhone (probably the 5S) will come in a variety of colours, there’s now a job description for an “Anodizing Engineer” to help add colour to the next generation of iPhones. Whether this is what the job entails, with competing products like the bright Nokia Lumia series, and the various colours of the Galaxy S III, Apple seem to realise that there’s a market for brightly coloured iPhones!

We’ve all seen the latest iPod Touch and it’s vast selection of different colours. How this is achieved is down to aluminium anodization which is a way of treating metal by making the case (for example) the anode in an electrolytic cell usually to form oxide coatings for the purpose of increasing the performance of the surface, or in this case to add colour.

The job summary says the following:

As a member of the Manufacturing Design team at Apple, you will help create the next generation of the world’s finest electronic devices. You will work closely with the Industrial and Product Design teams to develop and specify state of the art Aluminum anodizing processes.

Which leads us to believe that the use of the words “next generation” could quite possibly mean the next generation of iPhones, but it does seem that this is a generic term throughout most of Apples job summaries.

We’ve only got a few months to wait until Apple host their annual WWDC (usually in June, but no guarantees) and then we’ll know for sure if the image above is a reality!

My question to you is, if you’ve previously avoided Apple products before, would a coloured iPhone be more appealing? Leave a comment below!


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