I’ve started a play through of MGS 4 recently and this is has to be my favourite PS3 game that I’ve ever played. I know what a lot of people think about this game because it’s been said that this game an interactive movie rather than a game, well you’re wrong.

I will try and explain the story as briefly as I can (if you can do that with metal gear). This game takes place a few years after MGS 2 and you play a very old looking Solid Snake. He looks old because he has accelerated ageing and he has one last mission which is to kill Liquid Ocelot.

This game was released back in 2008 and this game was to show what the PS3 could do graphically. The visuals for the time were outstanding and even today the game holds up to the Triple A titles because most games back in 2008 didn’t have the best visuals in the world (excluding Gears of War 2 of course). The games character models are fantastic, especially on Old SnMGS 4ake because at the start of the game when he’s at the grave of the boss he looks at his hands and you can see how frail and wrinkly they are. To also help with the brilliant and beautiful visuals is the voice acting and it’s top notch because you can really feel the emotions of Old Snake. David Hayter who provides the voice of Snake really nails it with his voice sounding croaky and old. I know the voice acting can be over the top and a bit corny and that’s only really with one character, and that’s Otacon, most of the time he is fine in dialogue sequences but he can be a bit annoying like when they make the joke of changing the disc when it’s actually on blu ray.

The gameplay of this MGS played similarly to number 3 in the sense that the camerametal gear 4 was in third person and it had a camouflage system where you could tweak it manually to the environment if you wanted to or it would do it automatically if you were in a prone position or taking cover. The reason why that it does automatically is because snake in this game wears the octocam suit, which is a piece of military equipment that will change it’s camo to different environments.  But the aspect that I liked the most about the gameplay of this game was the fact that they took all the good gameplay elements from all the metal gear solid games, for example they kept the camo system but added futuristic tweaks to it and they even have a flash back sequence when it goes back to the old PSone graphics and you do a short segment of MGS 1.

If you have a PS3 and you have not played this game yet, I suggest that you do. This series was the influence of cinematic gaming and will get you to care about the characters and will leave you scratching your head in places but that’s the great thing about this series that it’s full of mysteries and great conspiracies.

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