Mirror’s Edge

For those of you who don’t know G4U5 (Games for Under £5) is a feature where we take a look in the bargain bin, in second hand store, or online to see what games we can find that are £5 or less. It’s a great way to re-visit old classics, and perhaps discover a new game you may have missed or would like to try out! Feel free to check out our other G4U5′s here!

This Months G4U5 is Mirror’s Edge a first person action runner set in a futuristic dystopian society.

Back of the Box

Mirror's Edge

There’s No Looking Back.

In a city where information is heavily monitored, where crime is just a memory, where most people sacrifice freedom for a comfortable life, some choose to live differently.

They communicate using messengers called Runners.

You are a runner called Faith.

Murder has come to this city and now you’re being hunted.

About the game.

The game jumps into action fairly quickly with a comic book style cutscene. It shows Faith (who you play) completing a delivery with her fellow Runner Celeste, she soon learns that her sister Kate may be in trouble at mayoral candidate Robert Pope’s office. When she finally arrives she see’s Kate standing over the body of Pope insisting that she’s being framed for murder. Kate enlists the help of her sister Faith to discover the truth behind what really happened. Faith goes on to find a a piece of paper in Pope’s hand with the name Icarus on it.

From here we see that Kate doesn’t want to flee and ends up getting arrested for the murder of Pope. From here you’re sole mission is to find the truth behind the murder whilst continuing your job as a Runner. From a former Runner named Jacknife, Faith learns that Pope’s former head of security (who’s also a retired wrestler) named Travis Burfield (often called RopeBurn throughout the game), may be connected to Pope’s murder.

This game is a perfect mix of a deep storyline and heart stopping action.

My Thoughts

Mirror's Edge

First off I’m going to have to admit that I chose this game because I love it. I never really got the chance to complete it a few years ago so when I saw that it was going for £5 I had to get it and it makes the perfect Game 4 Under £5 for this month. I know that’s not the point of G4U5 but shush..

This game is truly fantastic, it’s ridiculously heart racing and full of intense fast game play but not for the reasons you might think. In this game as a “Runner” you make your way around the city by Free Running. For those of you who don’t know what free running is, it’s a ‘sport’ in which the free runner uses everyday obstacles like Walls, fences, and barriers to his/her advantage by leaping, vaulting, balancing and running across and over them to get to places in a fast and stylish way.

This game takes the idea of Free Running  to the extremes with Faith jumping from buildings onto cranes, onto and through other buildings. There is combat in this game but it’s purposely been made an afterthought because it’s so difficult to actually get anywhere with a gun in hand. The main objectives in combat are to immobilise your assailant by either knocking them down and taking their weapons, or avoiding them best you can.

If you’re scared of heights though and the thought of jumping across a 30ft gap brings you out in cold sweats, I wouldn’t recommend this game.

At first the controls are difficult to get to grips with, the analogue sticks work how they would in a normal first person shooter, but the bumpers and triggers are utilised in a way that makes the controls kinda hard to get on with, but as soon as you get in the flow of a long run, you’ll realise that the controls fit perfectly to the game.

Mirror's EdgeThe overall look of the game itself is ridiculously simple, but at the same time bright, colourful and stylish. Buildings within the game are entirely grey or white with certain parts of the environment coloured red or orange. You’ll soon realise that this is a subtle ‘tell’ that gives you clues on where to turn next and which parts to leap from or use to climb or wall run up or across. This simple coloured concept continues inside the building with certain doors in red that you can burst through and other key obstacles coloured in blue. DICE did an amazing job transforming something that could be busy and complicated into something simple but at the same time great looking.

Mirror’s Edge also utilises your brain with quick thinking and observation being the key factor in how to get through certain levels. You’ll often find yourself being chased down by the police both on foot and in a helicopter, this immediately gets you looking around for a way out, or a way to find cover. The ‘B’ button can help point you in the right direction, but you need to keep an eye out for the subtle coloured obstacles & keys to help get out alive.

The gameplay along with the immersive story makes this game a stand out game for me. I really do love it and to get the game back in my possession for only £5 it’s pretty amazing considering Amazon have it on offer for around£15.

Thanks Grainger Games!

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