Gears of War: Judgment

gondola_ffa2It’s been almost two years since Gears of War 3 and you’d think that there was no more room for another instalment, you would be wrong and I present to you Judgement. Before people say that it’s spelt wrong, I KNOW IT IS!

This game is a prequel to the trilogy that we all know and love – to precise it’s set fifteen years before the first game. It’s been developed by People Can Fly known for the not so good Bulletstorm. The story to this game is you are in a new squad called “Kilo” and it is under the command of everyones favourite and obnoxious COG soldier Damon Baird. But he is no low ranking pompous genius, he’s high ranking pompous genius!

Gears of War: Judgment

Anyway his squad are standing trial for treason and quite cleverly how each chapter pans out is that each person in your squad gives their testimony and is narrated by that same character throughout that chapter. Throughout each chapter you will come across big glowing crimson omens and these are challenges called declassify. This will add difficulty modifiers to a fire fight and tells a different story of kilo squads apparent encounters. For example you could come across one that limits your ammo supplies and adds in tougher locusts to attack you. The only problem that I have with the campaign is when you finish each section it gives you a summary of you score and star rating which ruins the flow of the story a bit, it reminds me of playing in arcade mode of Gears of War 3 other than that the campaign is a lot of fun. There is a bonus short campaign which you unlock called aftermath which is set just after Gears of War 3 and you meet up with one of your former Kilo squad mates for but that’s all it is – a short campaign.

So how does the multiplayer hold up? Lets just say you’ll have a lot of meat grinding fun with the multiplayer and yes they have removed some features like Horde and Beast mode (I wasn’t a massive fan of those modes). They have a compromise for the lack of Horde and Beast mode though and that’s Overrun.

I had a lot fun with this game mode and what Overrun entails is that one side is the Locust and the other are the COG. The COG have to defend the Emergence hole covers from the Locust and if they stop them from doing so you switch sides the same goes if the other team destroys them all. The Locust have to destroy as many Emergence hole covers as they can until they hit the generator which finishes the round. The goal for both teams is to destroy as many objectives as they can when playing as the Locus and you must repel the enemy forces when you play as the COG. What I love about this mode the most is the class system there are four to chose from on the COG side and about eight when you play as the Locus but you have to earn points before you play as the other Locust classes.

Gears of War: Judgment

The COG classes are your standard fair for shooters but it works so well if you communicate as a team. The first class is the engineer and the player who is this class is responsible for fortifying the position like repairing barriers, turrets and deploying turrets. The soldier class brings the heat to the battle with heavy weapons and also keeps the teams ammo stocked up. The medic (speaks by its name) keeps the teams health up together and can revive down players with the stim grenade. What this grenade does it revives other players if you throw it at them which is good for if you can’t reach them in the heart of a fire fight. The scout is your eyes and ears they have spot grenades which help other players to find the enemies that are trying to hide, they also provide you with over watch because the scout is equipped UIR sniper rifle which is a semi automatic rifle.

What else is in the multiplayer besides Overrun, well there’s Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Free for All which is new to gears series. To be honest they have stripped the multiplayer down to the bear bones for example you don’t have the awesome game modes such as execution, warzone, wingman and capture the leader, but lets wait and see what happens. There maybe less game modes compared to other gears games, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun with this game. The FFA mode is an interesting way to play gears and is something that the fans have been asking for a while, it adds to already chaotic gameplay and doubles it because it’s every man and woman for themselves and it’s a great mode if you want to challenge your friends.

Overall it is a good game but it doesn’t capture the same epicness as the previous titles did in their campaigns, but it is still a great game and if you are gears fan you’ll have great meat filled experience with this game.

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