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Google Keep MobileYesterday we spoke about how Google Keep prematurely came and went, well now it’s official! There’s a mobile app and everything.

Unlike apps like Everynote and Wunderlist for example, Google Keep is simple, notes are displayed in a Windows 8 style slate displaying each note individually each with it’s own unique colour. The app also has a widget for editing and creating notes on the fly. The best thing about keep is that you can store notes, checklists, and photo’s on Drive which syncs to every device you own so you’re never left wondering what app you left that note on.

Whether Google Keep will take off or not remains to be seen but if you want to give Google Keep a whirl, head on over to the now active

You can also download the Android app here. (bare in mind that it’s only for Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich)

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