googleioeastereggMay 15-17 are the dates for Google’s big Input/Output event where we’ve previously seen announcements like the Nexus 7 and Android Jelly Bean and I’m sure this year will be just as good. I for one am really excited for this year and those of you like me , to keep you busy until May, the I/O event site is full of some awesome Easter eggs, if you can work them out that is.

The idea behind it is basically Binary – sequences of ‘bytes’ or eight ‘bits’ (1’s and 0’s). If you click the I and the O in a correct sequence you’ll be met with some pretty interesting renditions of the I/O logo such as cats, musical instruments, space, rockets, and cats! It’s fairly simple and takes a lot of trial an error, but when you find one it’s always a good reward!

So far I’ve found 10 and there’s many more to be found I won’t reveal the different bytes to you just yet, I’m sure you can work them out. If you’ve managed to find any let us know in the comments below!

Google I/O Event Page.


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