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Google ShoppingWord has hit the internet that Google could be at work on it’s own version of Amazon Prime. This being Amazon’s premium fast-shipping subscription based service. The word is that Google may be calling their service “Google Shopping Express” and would undercut Amazon on price by a large margin. Hang on, you say, what even is this? Let me explain.

If the word flying around is indeed true then this service would be partnered to high street retailers and woudl tie in to Google Shopping, which is a Amazon lookalike. The main thing to note here is that Amazon Prime isn’t just a shipping service. The subscription also offers a range of free online goodies. That said Google isn’t really lacking on that front. Could that be there plan? It’s hard to say.

This is definitely one to keep watch on as Google is the underdog of the e-commerce world and lets face it Google Wallet, didn’t really work out.

Would this kind of service be something you find useful? Or are you as confused as I am?

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