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Google announced yesterday that along with some other services, Google Reader was getting the axe. Partially down to it’s use declining, and partly due to it’s own lack of support for the feed reading service. Many different Feed readers who relied on Google Reader for users to get content like Feedly for example are now working on a new way to  merge peoples GReader feeds to their own platform. But there was one group of people yesterday that didn’t take the news so well..

In early 2012 Google went through another ‘Spring Clean’ of it’s less supported services and Google Friend Connect was one of them. What that meant for bloggers and website owners is that Google Friend Connect would no longer be available for non-Blogger blogs. Something the Blogger community are unaware of, or have overlooked that fact entirely – not to fault them, as soon as I hear “X is closing” I automatically assume that includes everything but often it’s not the case. For Blogger users, most Google services are integrated into their Blogger Dashboard, Google Friend Connect is how users “connect” or become “members” of the person’s blog (sort of a subscriber count) and Google Reader was used for Blogger users that had used Google Friend Connect to “subscribe” to other Blogger blogs.

The news that Google was taking an axe to the feed reading platform Google Reader sent a fair number of Beauty Bloggers into panic as they started to find alternative ways to follow Blogger blogs with others also assuming that it’s demise will also take Google Friend Connect with it.

Good news is that, that’s not going to happen. Google Reader will be getting the axe, but Google Friend Connect will remain on Blogger blogs for the unforeseeable future – hopefully.

Google Reader will be removed on July 1, so until then you’ve got enough time to enjoy Google Reader until you find another feed reader or blog aggregator. Need a hand? Here’s a few recommendations!



Feedly is a free app/extension for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chrome, and Firefox. Feedly used to use Google Reader to fetch the feeds that you subscribe to but since the announcement they’ve been working on their own service.

We have been working on a project called Normandy which is a feedly clone of the Google Reader API – running on Google App Engine. When Google Reader shuts down, feedly will seamlessly transition to the Normandy back end.

So if you’re looking for a more portable, stylish feed reader then I suggest getting Feedly for your smartphone or kindle.



Flipboard is another fancy swipe orientated feed reader for iOS or Android. Flipboard allows you to add RSS feeds by their URL as well as adding your favourite twitter users so you can read their tweets and blog updates all in one place. It also connects to Google Reader, but as soon as that goes, you’ll have to add all of the blogs you were following manually.

This particular app displays your feeds in a fancy magazine style.


Pulse News

Pulse News works the same way. An iOS and Android app that gives you the ability to add RSS feeds and Twitter users. It also offers a fancy widget for Android users.


This particular service is an online blog aggregator similar to Google Friend Connect. They have an iOS app, but it’s main focus is on the website. It gives you the ability to check Bloglovin daily for updates from your favourite Blogs as well as discover new content using their search bar.

They’re currently offering an easy to follow guide on how to import your Google Reader feeds to their service, you can read more about that here.

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