Grim Leaper
Grim Leaper Cover Art #3

There’s an art form to creating a comic that combines gruesome death, comedy and true love – well, successfully that is. But that’s exactly what Grim Leaper does. And superbly too.

The story follows Lou, a poor bloke that finds himself unwillingly possessing the bodies of other men, moments before they die. Having no idea how he’ll kick the bucket next, he lives it up until an inevitable and grisly death. Subsequently paying visits to his own funerals in the hopes of a “good time.” But when he finds a woman worth living for he makes it his mission to win her over. Whichever body he’s in.

Aluisio Santos’ art is awesome, quirky, and in places, pretty darn graphic. I mean have you ever seen someone have their head ripped off by a rogue lorry tire? No? Well you will.

Kurtis Wiebe has a story telling technique that keeps you coming back. The dialogue is spot on, the characters are likeable, and the style is the perfect mash-up of horror and rom-com.  This is not a comic to read if your tummy turns easily – seeing somebody’s guts ripped out through their bellybutton is pretty horrific, but strangely awesome at the same time. The pages are covered in cartoon gore that make each page turn ever more fun, making you wonder what the eff is going to happen next.

Wiebe somehow wraps all these gruesome situations around a love story to die for.

It’s a great read and though it is pretty short (only 4 issues), it stops itself at the perfect moment. Plus each issue ends with a short story, the most haunting the story of a man that falls in love with Apples’ Siri. Yeah, weird. But totally worth reading.

As it stands, I’ve re-read it several times and will almost certainly read it again.

In fact… …



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