Breach and Clear

Breach and ClearI wrote a little while back about Robert Bowling and his various endeavours since leaving Infinity Ward. In that post I spoke about his involvement in a new mobile game called Breach and Clear, a tactical shooter where the player plans every aspect of each operation. At the Game Developers Conference last week Robert Bowling was on hand to show off the new game and let us in on more information about this rather complicated looking game.

I explained briefly before that this game focuses mostly on the overall tactics that an operation is executed. There’s no running in, spraying and praying. It’s all about fine tuning every aspect of the operation right down to where each unit looks as they enter a room and get to cover.

The video above is a lengthy 11 minute video of how one of the many missions can be executed and also a quick look of the game overall. Personally it looks as if one mission could be dragged out longer than it really needs to be. I like the tactical side of things, in games like Rainbow Six it was fun to briefly organise where each of the teams would breach and help clear an area, but to also dive into the action was most of the appeal of the game. This game however seems a little too over complicated for a mobile game.

No release date has been set yet, but I think it’s safe to assume that it’ll be hitting iOS, with the possibility of an Android version later down the line.

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[Source: TouchArcade]

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