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Facebook announced earlier this week that they will be making some improvements to Timeline to go along side their redesign of ‘news feed’.

The improvements included an easier way to organize the things that are important yo you on your ‘about’ page. From films to music, TV shows to books, the new design will allow users to make their ‘about’ page a more visual experience. At the end of the day, as Facebook states, it’s a place for the ‘things you care about’.

A nice little feature here to note however is that you will now be able to keep track of films you have watched, want to watch and liked. This apples to each of the different sections. In turn, the same design idea has been applied to ‘apps’ now as well. Your be able to give them more of a visual focus on your timeline and your about page. As ever though you will be able to remove anything through the ‘Activity Log’ and ‘Privacy Settings’.


As for the timeline it’s self it’s getting a much cleaner layout. One of most common issues with timeline is that it was to hard to read the content. With the new design all posts will be kept to the right side of the timeline with photos, music and other activities placed on the left. It’s a much cleaner design and works nicely with the redesign of news feed. Though no word on how this will look on mobile device yet, it’s looking good.

The updated timeline will be rolling out to users over the coming weeks so look forward to it hitting your timeline soon.

What do you think of the new design? Is this a step in the right direction?

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