We’re almost into Day 3 of the SimCity outrage as users have started to not only lash out onto social networks, but they’ve now taken to Metacritic with swarms of 0/10’s going to the city building sim from Maxis.

As soon as we heard that SimCity was going to support an always on DRM we knew it was a bad idea. For a game that has no online capabilities what so ever it seemed a pointless nuisance from the very beginning but that didn’t stop EA from implementing it. Since even before it’s launch the servers have struggled to keep-up with the demand, even early access reviewers couldn’t get on the game and now it’s available to the public servers are impossible to access, they’re buggy, and often being taken down for maintenance.

EA and Maxis have tried their best to keep the angry gamers at bay with tweets like “We are working on the servers 24/7 – expect performance fluctuations. Our fans are our number one priority. Thank you for your patience” and long heart felt post on their Forums asking for gamers patience whilst they sort out the ongoing server issues.

I think what makes it worse for players is the fact that you have to connect to their servers to play your game, lets say you pick one server and start a really awesome city, you go back to continue your game the next day and the server is down. Because your game is saved on their servers and not your computer you can either wait for the server to come back online, or start a new game in the server – no games are saved on your computer.

Are EA to blame though? The only reason they’ve implemented the always on DRM is because of piracy. But then I could also throw this question at you; Is piracy to blame? If we look at it from both angles, EA and Maxis are only trying to stop their game from being pirated, but in turn that makes them seem greedy because all they want is money no matter what the costs..


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This pretty much sums it up: