Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was announced not long ago. However, a range of different details have slowly been pieced together. Wanting to work out what I can about the upcoming game I’ve found out some details that are worth talking about.

Ground Zeros is the prologue.

Ground Zeros takes place within a year after the events of Peace Walker. Big Boss, working with the Militaires San Frontieres is on a mission to rescue Chico and Paz. During this however mother base is attacked by unknown group XOF. During this Big Boss is injured and falls into a coma. It’s not clear however if Ground Zeros will be part of the same game or a single game all together.

The Phantom Pain is….a dream?

Think about it. Huge, flaming whale. Something just isn’t right with that. It’s possible that Snake is suffering from hallucinations and that this will impact on the game. I don’t however thing that the game will be anything too odd given the track record of Kojima.

‘V’ is Snake.

In the trailer the last thing we hear is “V has come too”. This isn’t just a nice touch to finish off the trailer but in fact it’s what the nurse says to the doctor during the moment that Snake awakes from his coma.

Who is Ishmael?

Remember the man with bandages over his face that helps Snake get out of the hospital. Not much is known about him other then the fact he has watched over Big Boss for nine years.

No David Hayter.

Sadly the English voice for Snake will no longer be acted by David Hayter.

Eve and Ocelot?

It’s possible that we will see the return of Eve and Ocelot during the events of The Phantom Pain. Those of you who know the overall story to the Metal Gear games will know that they play a key role in the later life of Big Boss.

Diamond Dogs.

After the events of Ground Zeros Snake and Miller create a new group entitled Diamond Dogs. This will be the main group that Snake will work in during the event of the game. Have Diamond Dogs come up in past Metal Gear games? As far as we know, no.

Something is on your face Snake.

If you look at Snake’s face during the final clip in the trailer you can see he has something on his forehead. Almost like a horn of sorts. Take note he also has a lovely new fake arm.

Open world.

Unlike past Metal Gear games The Phantom Pain will offer an open world experience along with game play systems taken from Peace Walker.

The last Metal Gear game.

Kojima has expressed that this will be the last Metal Gear game and therefore, will be the biggest and best yet.

Release date?

No idea.

Let’s face it. At the current moment there isn’t much we know about The Phantom Pain. All of the above, even the details we know for fact, are still subject to change. All we know for sure is that Kojima has a lot to explain.

For more on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain make sure to stay tuned to n3rdabl3.

[Source: GamesRadarWikipedia, Metal Gear Wikia]

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Jake Lee

I’ve heard Kojima himself state this will be HIS last game, but where are you getting that bit about it being THE last game in the series? I kind of doubt that will be the case, especially with Kojima always saying he wants to pass the series on to the younger staff to continue while he does new things. Plus he’s stated he wants Metal Gear Rising to be a series, so I’m sure we’ll get more of those as well.

Nikholai Koolonavich

I do hope there is a second Rising game.

Ali Shamsedin
Ali Shamsedin

Guys, everyone who’s played the English version of Metal Gear Solid
should definitely sign the petition at to bring back David Hayter as Big Boss.
I’m sure many will say they never
liked David Hayter, or prefer someone else voicing this iconic
character, but you should sign so Kojima can stop the BS. I mean, he
says he wants to “reinvent the series”. Then why would he not also
change Akio Otsuka, the Japanese VA, who’s confirmed he will be
returning to voice Big Boss as he did in Peace Walker and MGS3?

Nikholai Koolonavich

Thanks for the heads up, will give it a look :)

I will miss David Hayter but given how old Snake is now a new voice actor would make some sense.

Callum Hurley
Callum Hurley

Guys, he's done this before. After Metal Gear Solid 2, he passed MGS3 to his team, disliked it and took over. Then after MGS3 he said he was done with Metal Gear. Then made MGS4. Then said he was done with Metal Gear. Then made Peace Walker. He says he is done, but chances are, he'll be back for another…

Nikholai Koolonavich

Never say never.

Callum Hurley
Callum Hurley

True, this may well be his last, what I'm saying is, take his words with a pinch of salt :)

Nikholai Koolonavich

Oh of course I agree with that :)