Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Minecraft Xbox 360 EditionMinecraft for Xbox 360 has been a huge hit, according to Notch the 360 edition surpassed 5 million sales in January this year and now there’s news that PlayStation gamers could see Minecraft coming to their console of choice soon (possibly).

Lead designer for Minecraft: Pocket Edition Jens Bergensten told iGamer that “Microsoft has an exclusivity deal for consoles” and when it runs out they might “consider Minecraft for PlayStation”. Thats (sort of) good news for PlayStation gamers but what about good old Wii and WiiU fans? “Wii U is very unlikely.” Bergensten continued.

Sorry guys!

In other news though, Bergensten told iGamer that they’re planning on getting the Pocket Edition a little closer to the PC version and “Our current ambition is to get the so-called online multiplayer going, this means that you’ll be able to connect to dedicated servers, instead of only connecting to other people’s devices.” Personally I can’t get on with the Pocket Edition, it’s clunky, the controls are messed up and hard to get along with and I often found myself turning it off after around 5 minutes.

[Source: iGamer via EDGE]

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