Music Angel friendz

Music Angel friendz

Though the weather is currently keeping us Brits indoors, we’ve got a huge line-up of festivals ahead of us this year. First we’ve got the Isle of Wight Festival, shortly followed by Download Festival, then Glastonbury, T In The Park, and finally Leeds and Reading festival. If there’s one thing they all have in common, that’s music and people’s love for the art. But as soon as the lights go off, and the bands stop playing you don’t want it to stop there, you need something that’s portable, but packs a punch like the Music Angel Friendz Portable Speaker to keep the music playing!

This little 75 x 50 x 52mm speaker might be small but it’s no baby. It’s a high quality well built and durable speaker with it’s own amplifier, built in battery, and handy protective dust bag to stop it getting dirty when you’re listening to it out in the muddy campsite.

Music Angel friendz

The Music Angel friendz is enclosed in a solid aluminium case which not only protects the speakers, it also gives it an incredibly well built feel. The rechargeable lithium battery can also last for up to 100 hours of play time and is a perfect gadget to have with you wherever you travel, charging the device is a doddle too with only needing to connect it to any USB input whether it’s a PC, Mac, or Phone charger it’ll work. What’s even better, you can connect multiple Music Angel Friendz speakers together to make your sound even louder and better.

The sound quality of this little block is incredible too, you can connect to it either with a standard headphone sized line in lead, you can also connect to it using the MicroUSB to 3.5mm Jack cable that comes with it making the sound quality even better.

There’s also a handy LED light letting you know what state the speaker is in, with blue meaning that the speaker is on, red meaning that it’s charging and purple meaning that it’s playing whilst on charge.

You can also connect this speaker to anything that has the standard headphone 3.5mm jack input such as the iPhone 5, Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, and iPod Touch.

If you travel a lot or plan to camp at one of the many different festivals you can get this amazing speaker for only £29.99 in various different colours such as Black, Blue, Green, Pink, and Silver from At a high price it’s definitely worth the investment, as it’s certainly going to last you a long , long time.

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