There are many services out there for people to recycle games and gadgets some are brick and mortar stores like Cash Converters, others are online services like musicMagpie. I’ve dealt with both of these services but this particular post is going to be about my experience with musicMagpie.

CD’s have become pretty much obsolete, we’re all listening to music on our iPod’s, phones, tablets, and other portable media, why let your old pile of CD’s gather dust when you can sell them for cash on Music Magpie? They don’t just deal with CD’s though, you can sell your old DVD’s and Blu-ray’s,video games, smartphones, you can even sell your Xbox 360 to musicMagpie!

My experience with musicMagpie was fantastic, we had a bunch of old DVD’s and CD’s that were just gathering dust as most of our music was on our computer and most of our DVD’s we could download via iTunes or watch on LoveFilm and Netflix plus we needed the extra cash!

The process is ridiculously easy, you can either scan in your items using a webcam or their smartphone app, or type in the barcode and get a price instantly. One thing we noticed when we sold over 100 items to musicMagpie is that more popular items tended to be lower in price than the more rarer items, for example selling a Kings of Leon CD might get you £1-2 whereas if you decided to sell an Iniquity (death metal band) CD you might get more along the lines of £5-6 if I remember correctly anyway..

I think in the end we sold around 100+ items and accumulated about £150 in cash. The one thing we were dreading was posting our items to musicMagpie but because we’d got together a bunch of different items we qualified for their free courier service, all we had to do was box the items up and wait for them to be collected. Easy Peasy.

I think we waited a couple of days for them to check our items and we were then awarded a cheque for the amount we were quoted. It was a truly simple experience and something I’d definitely consider again.

To get an idea on how much they’d pay for your old CD’s DVD’s and Games plus many more check out

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