DaylightWhen I first heard about Zombie Studios new game Daylight it gave me a little bit of hope for the current state of the ‘survival horror’ genre. I’m not one that enjoys those types of games, but I could see that the genre was starting to shift more towards the use combat and having almost a first person shooter element to it. What was lacking was a real scary game that left you feeling vulnerable as well as engaged with the games story. Everything about Daylight pointed at just that, and now there’s evidence to prove it.

Zombie Studio’s released their first gameplay footage for their upcoming PC game Daylight which involves navigating an old abandoned asylum/hospital in order to escape as well as find the real reason why you’re there. The game is said to offer a completely different game each time the player plays the game meaning that if something made you jump once, it won’t happen in that same place when you muster up the courage to play it again. This is something Zombie Studio’s have done to not only keep the game scary, but also add a sense of replayability to the game.

The aim of the game is essentially to escape, but along the way the story is unveiled piece by piece in an entirely non linear way. The player can either try to escape as quick as possible, or they can get more involved by collecting the various items that reveal more of the story.

Daylight doesn’t have a release date just yet, but Zombie Studio’s have said that it’ll be coming to Steam this year.

Personally it’s not something I’ll be playing, I hate being scared, I’m a huge girl when it comes to scary games. Hell, even the creatures in Minecraft creep me out!

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