Nimble Quest

nimble questNimbleBit have got some fantastic games under their belt, a few examples are Pocket Planes, Tiny Tower, and Pocket Frogs. Each of their games have proved to be insanely popular on iOS and eventually Android too as soon as Mobage get the Android version sorted out. NimbleBit announced yesterday the launch of their new freemium game Nimble Quest a fantastic 8-bit style RPG mixed with classic ‘Snake’ elements..

I’m a huge fan of NimbleBit’s mobile gaming creations, I’m a little saddened by the fact that they don’t really work on Android versions of their games, that’s up to Mobage to port the game to the popular Google OS, but when it does finally come, I’m on that shit.

So what’s their latest game all about? Well from the looks of it it’s a weird remake of the popular Nokia 3210 Snake game, mixed with elements of the popular Role Playing Game genre. The short 40 second clip above shows how insane the gameplay can get and it looks pretty epic. The game still adopts classic RPG elements such as skill upgrades, power-ups, party building, and much more.

It should be available on Android in April, but it’s available right now on iOS and Mac!

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