Nutty Fluffies

Nutty FluffiesEverything about this game screams “a game for kids” the name is cutesy “Nutty Fluffies” and the icon and screens for the game show cute little animals riding in a rollercoaster. Nothing about the appearance of this game made me want to play it, so for a while I haven’t. Until last weekend when I took the plunge just for the lulz. This game is bad ass, and hardly a game for kids!

Nutty Fluffies has a basic concept. Get the rollercoaster full of stuffed animals to the end whilst scoring as many hearts as possible (Okay, it still sounds a little adolescent, but bare with me). It sounds simple and at first it is, you slide your finger to the right to make the stuffed Hippo conductor shoot the train along a little, swipe to the left to brake a little. What makes this game bad ass is the fact that one wrong move can send your train careering nose first into the track smashing your train full of stuffed animals into oblivion.

Nutty Fluffies

At first you begin with four trains and “free” stuffed mice. The stuffed mice don’t do anything uniquely special other than squeak a lot. Once you’ve completed the track your hearts are added up and you’re awarded in game coins, from here you can decide to go to the next level if you have enough coins, or retry the track and add another cart into the train, after a few more completed runs you’ll end up with a total of eight carts on the track.

It sounds like the game just gets easier with more carts meaning that more animals can go onto the ride thus achieving more hearts.. No.. Stop thinking that right now. The more carts add an increased level of difficulty in the form of controlling the carts. Did I mention that unlike traditionally save rollercoasters, this particular roller coaster comes off the tracks pretty much at every point possible. The more carts you have the longer the train, meaning that if the front end decides to take a nose dive, you have to work out how to level it back out using the swiping technique I explained above, if you decide to smash into the tracks and it’s game over you have to re-purchase your animals again.

The further you progress in this game the more things you unlock. I mentioned the “free” mice earlier, well along the way you unlock Cats, Dogs, Pigs, Elephants, (and more probably, but the game is far too frustrating to continue). Each animal has a unique taste for the type of ride it enjoys, if you achieve this type of ride you’re awarded extra hearts. For example, our little feline friends like their ride to be mostly downhill, and if you complete the track with a cat in your cart you’re awarded an extra 8 hearts. Dogs love jumps and award 8 hearts at the end, Pigs love bumps and award 10 hearts at the end, and Elephants love slopes and jumps and award 12 hearts at the end. As you’d expect from a game that uses it’s own currency the better the animal the more it costs, if you crash at any point during the game you loose most of your animals and have to buy them again if you retry.

Nutty Fluffies is the type of game that can send you to the point of rage, with the cart having a mind of it’s own you can easily find that you loose control and smash on the most simplest of tracks.

Nutty FluffiesThere are currently four different types of tracks (and a bonus snow track) starting from simple wooden tracks, to metal tracks, to loopy tracks, ect, ect. Each track can often require a special cart too such as a rocket cart, a magnet cart, and a jumping cart, each adding an increased level of difficulty to the game with you having to time your power ups exactly right or you’ll find yourself flying off the track. Each track also costs to unlock meaning that you have to repeat tracks in order to get coins, the further you progress the more tracks cost with the wooden tracks starting at 50 coins and the loopy tracks costing 100 coins.

Oh and did I mention the game was published by Ubisoft?

Overall this game is as addictive as it is frustrating and you’ll often go back to it after a few days forgetting your previous mistakes realising you have no coins and a cost of 100 coins to unlock the next level meaning you’ve got a long road of repeating the same frustrating tracks over and over again. I’m actually finding it difficult to give this game an overall score because I love the game but at the same time hate it to the point that I want to throw my Kindle out the window.. It has some real replayability and at the rate I’m going it’s going to last for a long time until I’ve fully completed it..

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