pacmanPAC-MAN is a universally loved game by anyone who’s remotely interested in gaming. Whether you’re a hard-core first person shooter player or a more slower platformer player everyone has at least played PAC-MAN at some point in their life. Admittedly I got most of my game-play in whenever Myspace was down and they replaced the homepage with a “under maintenance” page complete with a Flash version of PAC-MAN.

PAC-MAN +Tournaments is a free-to-play game featuring both classic PAC-MAN keeping the original maze and bonus fruit as well as a brand new Tournament mode featuring constantly updates mazes, performance based multipliers, and 10x as many bonus items than the original game.

PAC-MAN +Tournaments

NamcoBandai announced today the release of PAC-MAN +Tournaments a brand new PAC-MAN reboot where you can enter world wide tournaments to be the top PAC-MAN player as well as entering the chance to win some PAC-MAN themed goodies (US-Only at the moment)!

The Tournaments are constantly being updated with new mazes and prizes for PAC-MAN to snap up. Along with that there’s a whole host of Achievements that you can unlock during the classic game and the new Tournament mode, adding a more rewarding gameplay experience than just the thrill of getting the highest score.

Keeping with the free-to-play theme players are awarded tokens depending on their score in the classic mode which can be used enter the tournaments. If you’ve ran out of coins don’t fear you can purchase more using real money, or just play the classic game mode more – it’s your prerogative!

Good news for us Android fans, the game is an Android Exclusive and can be found here.

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