Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 came out the other day, I wasn’t in any rush to get it and play it because personally I’m more a fan of the Asphalt series of mobile racing games but I did and here are my thoughts on what was a good mobile racing game gone bad.

Real Racing 3 presents itself as an easy to play realistic racing game for mobile devices, it has always been a game known for it’s huge space consumption as well as realistic game play. So much so that in the Google Play description it describes itself as a “highly detailed game of superior quality” and at a glance it’s just that. But you’ll soon find after playing two or three matches there’s something entirely new that’s come into play.

Real Racing 3

First off you begin with a fairly small budget that gives you the choice of two cars, much like most racing games you’ve got to build yourself up to the big guys, which is fair play. You begin on a fairly simple race with three laps, if you haven’t adjusted any of the settings you’ll soon find that the races are effortless on your part. There’s an auto braking system that’s activated which makes the game play ridiculously effortless and a tad boring. The steering system is the standard tilt controls which at times is a little over sensitive even with the settings adjusted accordingly.

In terms of realism the game still feels like just that – a game. I understand that building a game of the same quality as Forza or GranTurismo on a mobile platform is close to impossible. During races your car (if you have the brake assist on) almost grinds to a halt when cornering often making it impossible to pass an opponent at the most optimal time. Another aspect that makes this game more real is the finer details such as oil consumption, damage that affects your cars performance, tire wear, and other minor details that in my opinion make the game ridiculously complicated. I wouldn’t call myself a petrol head, in fact I’m very much as far from being a petrol head as you can get. I don’t know about cars and I’m not into fine tuning gears to I can achieve a 0.001 second advantage on the track, I just like to play racing games and I like my racing games simple.

So realism aside, this game is a freemium racing game that has benefits for people that want to pay for gold, but also can be played fairly by someone who doesn’t want to spend £100’s on imaginary gold. In the game your currency is R$’s these can be used to repair your car, top up the oil, replace the tires, and purchase upgrades. This is where I’m going to come to the part that annoys me the most. Obviously if you can play the game without the need to buy gold why is the gold there? EA have thought of that and have essentially made this “highly detailed game of superior quality” a time management racing game.

Real Racing 3“Your oil is running low!” say’s the game, so I say “Okay lets top it up.” “Sure” replies the game “But you’ve got to wait 5 minutes for that to top up before you can play another race.. or speed it up for 2 gold!” – by this point I’d already spent two gold to re-spray my car which I thought was a bit dumb. Not all purchases prevent you from playing a race. Upgrades for example let you play the races you want, but the upgrades don’t come into effect until you’ve finished. But actions like the example above made me put the game down and I haven’t touched it since oh and did I mention that some repairs/maintenance can last for several hours; talk about “realistic”. If you’re fortunate to be able to have two cars at your disposal then this action isn’t necessary but it’s still annoying.

Personally I think this is a bad move for EA and the Real Racing franchise. If I was a developer I’d want people to keep playing my game, not place it down for an hour to be forgotten about while the oil needs changing. It’s kind of spoiled the game for me and I’m happily back onto Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Onto the features of the game, something which I actually like and that’s the varied types of races, you’ve got things like your standard podium race, endurance races, drag races, top speed races, and so many more I’m yet to discover, this is a definite positive point to this game compared to Need for Speed and Asphalt that only have a few different race types. The game also features over 100 real life cars as well as a bunch of licensed real world tracks which add more to the sense of realism. These few pointers are why I give this game the rating I have, if it was a standard podium racer with a few cars & generic tracks it’d be in the poo rating for sure.

The overall idea of this game is great, all of the cars you race with are based on other racers from around the world, the need for realistic driving is a fair bit annoying but it could work, even the realistic maintenance is a good idea, it’s just a bit too much for a mobile game. I had high hopes for this game as I’ve played the previous Real Racing games and they’re not bad but this, this is disappointing.

You can get Real Racing 3 for free on Amazon App Store, iTunes App Store, and Google Play.

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