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MW2 GhostThe new Call of Duty rumour – apparently titled Call of Duty: Ghosts, comes in from YouTube user Drift0r who claims to have been told details in regards to the next Call of Duty game from a “very legitimate” source who’s “a part of the Call of Duty machine” and contains details of an announcement date, release date, as well as details about the game’s modes.

Acording to the YouTuber Drift0r, Call of Duty: Ghosts (previously Call of Duty: Phantoms) will kickstart a new series that strays away from the Modern Warfare title. Apparently it’s set in the future, but the game’s major plot event will force the players to use modern, present-day weaponry.

Apparently the multiplayer loading screens – the bit where you’re all just standing in a group with a count down counting you into the game will all change to something more dynamic loading screen where the players will be repelling from helicopters into the map, or break through glass into the building, or sneaking into the map. They’ve also switched up the player movement a little with a new dash and slide movement which actually features in Crytek’s new free-to-play title Warface. While we’re still on movement they’re changing up the way we get to cover too with the option to “peek around the corner” something that’s always been available on PC versions of MW3 and Black Ops 2, as well as various other first person shooters so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. If the source’s information is correct you can also roll left or right whilst proning.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is also going to have more destructive and interactive environments according to the source such as the ability to destroy buildings which in effect maim your opponent. According to Drift0r this is something they’ve achieved in Single Player but it’s a little more problematic in the Multiplayer game mode.

The final piece of news is a disappointing one, the new Call of Duty will be coming to Next Generation consoles only, which means that if you’re a huge Call of Duty fan, you better start saving up for the next gen consoles!

The game’s official “big reveal” announcement is going to be “around May 1st” so you can expect to find gameplay footage, trailers, screenshots and release dates on or around May 1st.

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[Source: Drift0r via IGN]

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