100pcindEariler this week at the Mobile World Congress some exciting news came out from Chillingo, the leading indie mobile games publisher and division of Electronic Arts, and Samsung. The announcement was a partnership between to the two to help drive the mobile games developer community and create opportunities in revenue and support. This new joint plan is dubbed “100% Indie” and aims to give indie developers around the world a new program to work with.

How does it work? Well starting March 4th developers will be able to submit their games for review over at www.100PercentIndie.com. Submitted apps will need to meet Samsung’s app standards but once approved, developers will be guided through getting their apps to market. Along with this the website will host a wide range of tools, articles and information which will encourage and motivate developers.

The core idea behind “100% Indie” is to allow developers to tap into the phenomenal growth that Samsung is experiencing. The goal is to ensure that developers are able to tap into this revenue and promotion and at the same time be guided by Samsung to create some breakthrough apps.

“Making a game is hard. Developers are looking for inspiration and opportunities. ‘100% Indie’ is designed to help independent developers take full advantage of these amazing revenue opportunities and bring their games to Samsung Apps,” added Joe Wee, founder of Chillingo.

Overall the idea of “100% Indie” sounds like a great one. It’s nice to see a company like Samsung making the effort to help the indie community develop and offering the support it needs to break into the main market. Could this be a great step forward for the mobile platform? What do you think, leave a comment below.

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