Samsung Galaxy S IV Official

Samsung Galaxy S IV OfficialSamsung have released part 2 of their Jeremy Maxwell Galaxy S IV teaser videos along with a sneak preview of the phone itself on their Twitter but are Samsungs official reveals being overshadowed by the supposed phone leaks?

With only two days to wait until Samsung’s big launch event, they’ve been busy building hype. First with a two (maybe three) part story trailer that features Jeremy Maxwell who’s been entrusted with the role of keeping the Galaxy S IV safe in a huge white box. The second is from Samsungs Twitter page where they posted a picture of the next Galaxy S phone, well the top half that’s partially visible..

52 SamsungAt the same time though numerous leaks keep popping up of what appears to be the actual phone, first was a picture of the front, back, and side of the device. The pictures were posted on the Chinese forum 52 Samsung and could possibly be the real deal – though last year the Galaxy S III was leaked with several different ‘dummy’ shells concealing the final appearance, though it does have a similar appearance to the official image.

Today there was also a leaked video of what appears to be the same device also posted by someone on 52 Samsung that shows the phone in action.

Whether the leaked images and video are the real deal it doesn’t really matter with only two days to wait until Samsungs event in New York which you can watch live on their YouTube channel.

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