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One thing I’ve noticed recently is how advertising – more specifically mobile advertising – is getting down right childish and adolescent? I’ve noticed it a lot before, during, and after the Galaxy S IV event, certain other phone companies have been launching advertising campaigns that don’t really say much other than “mine’s better than yours” – Have we gone back into primary school or something?

The Galaxy S IV event happened last week, and though some smartphone manufacturers displayed a bit of playful advertising like LG, other companies like HTC and Apple have gone down right adolescent.


At first HTC would have been up there with LG when they decided to sent people out amongst the crowd with HTC branded Hot Chocolate machines handing the delicious beverage out to the cold queue members. It was rather humorous and well played. They didn’t leave it there though, the next day both HTC’s Facebook and Twitter were filled with posts practically ripping the new Galaxy handset and blowing smoke up the ass of their new HTC One. It actually got to the point of annoyance with me. At first it was okay, but they just went on, and on, and on..

I understand the new HTC One has some very good things going for it. It has a better pixel density than the Galaxy S IV, and from what I can tell a better camera too (in terms of technology, not megapixels) but banging on about it over and over again is just annoying and to be honest it’s put me off a little.


iPhone PageTo be honest I didn’t expect anything less. Apple display a fine example of childishness when it comes to advertising the iPhone 5. In the typical “my Dad could beat up your Dad” fashion they launched a new page for the iPhone 5 with the slogan “There’s the iPhone, And then there’s everything else.” The page also has some Apple bias statistics as well as a brief quote:

What makes an iPhone unlike anything else? Maybe it’s that it lets you do so many things. Or that it lets you do so many things so easily. Those are two reasons iPhone owners say they love their iPhone. But there are many others as well.

Though in some senses that’s not incorrect. But compared to Android, whether that’s vanilla Android that you’d get with a Nexus device, or a TouchWiz or Sense Android device it’s still way more customisable and lets you do pretty much whatever you want with the device compared to Apple which lets you do some things.

I think my main gripe about this childish display of “mine’s better than yours because it is” is the fact that there are two great phones being tainted in my eyes thanks to idiotic ad campaigns. Shouldn’t a phone be able to sell itself? If a product is truly great it shouldn’t need an ad campaign that just bangs on about how great their device is compared to another.

It may seem like I’m sticking up for Samsung too, but I’m not. They’ve been more than guilty of displaying ads that poke fun at other manufacturers but it’s more often than not done in a tasteful and playful way that actually points out the flaws of competing devices.

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