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I love Sonic, really I do. And when I was given the opportunity to review his newest handheld outing I was more than happy to oblige. Sonic Dash comes from SEGA, as everyone in the whole entire world will know and have been distributing handheld hedgehog fun for a while now, some of those games I’ve played and enjoyed. Sadly though Sonic Dash just wash’t one of those games.

Sonic DashSonic Dash is a great idea and it really should work, when you think of Sonic you think of running, speed, witty comments and running. This type of game is very popular at the moment, the most popular being Temple Run, so to set the scene think Temple Run style with Sonic the Hedgehog over the top of it.The controls vary slightly with Sonic Dash as it’s all about the power of the finger! That’s where most of the problems stem from. You control Sonic, later being able to unlock Tails and my favourite Knuckles, and with Sonic you are on a three lane ‘track’ gradually picking up speed and encountering obstacles and enemies in the form of those pesky robo-crabs! The controls for Sonic like I said couldn’t be any simpler for the game it’s all in the finger, you swipe from left to right to go left or right (I know, simple) swipe up to jump and down to roll. Roll acts in two ways, to roll under things that you cannot jump over and certainly can’t go through and the other way it work is it will take out enemies. Swipe down as you approach an enemy and you will surely take them out. But alas that is not always the case, many times have I swiped down and been caught short by the last crab in the row of three and there goes all of my hard earned golden rings. I’ve now resulted to swiping down until it’s free to stop.

As speed increases and things get a bit intense, I encountered my next issue – Responsiveness. I found that when there was a lot to do in one quick fire movement the speedy Sonic just couldn’t keep up. For example I may need to jump over an obstacle and move to the right whilst in mid air and once touching the ground I would need to enter a roll to kill on oncoming crab. Let’s just say that eight times out of ten I would end up restarting my dash.

Sonic  Power - UpI’m not going to dwell on the bad points of this game anymore, because like I said there are some good points to it. The general look of the game is captured brilliantly, it is basically Sonic games from back in the day but from a new camera angle, from behind! If you play the game in this frame of mind it’s really fun, the colours of the Sonic world are vibrant and enticing and invite you to keep playing, and as for the music whilst you’re on your dash it’s the fast paced 8-bit style you would expect from a Sonic the Hedgehog title. I suppose in fairness to the game it is rather entertaining but I think it could be improved rather easily, introduce tilting to move.

You can grab the game yourself for iOS here: Sonic Dash – SEGA for £0.69

This is my opinion on what could be a great game but ideally I would like to know what you think! Do you agree with my thoughts or do you think this is the perfect Sonic game? Let me know in the comments below.


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“Tales”? Pity, you might have made a good argument too.

Aaron Richardson

Whoops, I don’t know how we let that one slip through! Thanks for pointing it out!