Tactical Intervention For those of you who don’t know, Tactical Intervention is basically a more improved and modern looking Counter-Strike with the addition of explosions, destructive environments, vehicles, and dogs! It’s also developed by Minh “Gooseman” Li who you’ll probably know from being the co-creator of Counter-Strike, so it stands to reason why I compared this game to one of the longest running first person shooters – ever!

Tactical Intervention has almost turned into one of those games a little like Half Life 3, it went into closed beta some time in 2010 and has since not been spoken about until earlier last year when OGPlanet picked the game up for release in North America, again things went a little dead but it has very recently come to light that the game has finally got a date set for launch and that’s March 28 on the PC and it’s free-to-play!


Along with that there’s also been a launch trailer released that reveals more about the game! It looks like it’s going to retain the anti-ironsights game play that Counter-Strike is well known for, as well as involve vehicle crashes, helicopter explosions, riot shields, and attack dogs! If you’re interested in trying the game before launch you could have headed over to Joystiq and signed up to receive one of 6,000 keys for their closed beta event on March 4-8, but it looks like after a few days ALL of the keys have gone!

The bad news hasn’t stopped there; I’m not sure if this still applies, but there’s the dreaded “*” at the bottom of the website that says the launch is just for North America only. Hopefully it might just be an overlooked bit of text in the footer.. Hopefully..

Head on over to http://www.tactical-intervention.com/ to sign up and get your username before someone else does!

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