Chameleon Launcher 2

Chameleon Launcher 2Chameleon Launcher, a Android tablet launcher which is designed to be beautiful and functional is soon to get it’s next big update. Teknision the company behind Chameleon Launcher have been teasing the update for some time but finally have started carrying out beta testing for Kickstarter pre-order customers. The public release is soon to follow.

The a lot of things will be changing in the new version but the most notably is the support for phones. Now optimized for Anroid phones with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 and up the launcher has received a range of core system updates. This results in a much faster and more responsive user experience. With this comes more customizing features, more enhancements to widgets and overall improvements to performance. With the beta tests currently underway Teknision have stated the public release will be within a couple of weeks once bugs are ironed out.

Chameleon Launcher 2 will release on Android phones for $2.99 (around £1.59) and the currently available version of Chameleon luncher priced at $3.99 (£2.59) will be a bundle pack for tablets and phones. Both will get updates at the same time.

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