Masks and all
Who will stand on a day like no other ?
Who will stand on a day like no other ?
Who will stand on a day like no other ?

So last week I gave you a rundown of who I think should be the gaming worlds answer to the Avengers and this week I’ll give you an idea of who out of Japans cultures should team up.

Ken The Eagle- Gatchaman: A Batman like hero dealing with Fantastic four style science villains. A natural leader of his team and great example of the intense fighting style anime and manga culture live on.

Kamen rider 2: Do you remember that kids show Masked rider ? Here’s a little fact, Kamen translates as masked. Rider 2 was essentially a sidekick in the original Kamen rider show, he deserves a chance to step up and show everyone being number 2 doesn’t put you behind anyone.

Stag Buster J- Super sentai series Go Busters: J was an android but in the (In the west we know it as Power Rangers) show he stole every scene he’s in he steals the show. So Go Busters in terms of numbers was the poorest of Super Sentai’s but J’s ridiculous parody of a Japanese superhero. He’ll be the guy that produces a giggle and demonstrates an absurd aspect of humanity with his bizarre love of bugs.

The Great Saiyaman Aka Gohan from Dragon Ball Z: Gohan could easily fill the role of the Hulk with his insane level of power he produces after you tick him off. His guise shows how silly Japan’s interpretation of the superhero can get.

Sakura- Card Captors: Sakura is a prime example of the magical girl, a girl with magic powers (simple right ?) Every week her friend would whip a new costume for her to battle the spirits of a collection of mystical cards. All she needs is name and she could easily be the supplier of the team, helping her with library of special cards each possessing an unique power.

Palestrina- Dual x Justice: Empowered by ‘God’ this other magical girl could be Thor with ease, also this interesting interpretation of religion could play for some interesting conversations. Also the relationship with her hero partner Avalon shows she has the ability to work with anyone.

So this list was more problematic then coming with a Justice League film. I’ve cut quite a few ideas here and there, so if theirs one you really think should be up their, drop me a line and next week I’ll tell you mine.

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