Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung’s big Galaxy S IV launch event is only a week away but the rumours are coming in thick and fast, we’ve seen screenshots confirming that the Galaxy S IV will have eye scrolling technology that’ll detect when you’re at the bottom of a page, as well as something that isn’t too surprising; the Galaxy S IV will keep the plastic bodies that the previous Galaxy models have come in..

With March 14 only around the corner Samsung have put the posters up in Time Square in preparation for the launch event. And much like the hype around the Galaxy S IV there’s also a steady stream of rumours coming from various sources claiming to be legitimate.

smartstayLet’s begin with the eye scrolling tech.

Various screenshots and rumours have been floating about talking about the next Galaxy S having some sort of eye tracking technology that’ll recognise when you’re at the bottom of the page and scroll down for you without you having to lift a finger, this feature is aptly called ‘Smart Scrolling’. We’ve already got ‘Smart Stay’ whether you love it or hate it the feature that keeps the screen on as long as you’re looking at the phone is there and proves that the technology is there for an eye tracking auto scrolling feature and a bunch of screenshots also back that rumour.

GSM Israel are the guys behind the screenshots claiming that they received the screenshots from a “very reliable” source and show not only the Smart Stay and Smart Scroll features, but also a bunch of other screens of the “About Phone” page as well as a screenshot from Quick System info PRO.

Finally the Samsung Galaxy S IV will remain plastic.

Not exactly ground breaking news as most of Samsung’s Galaxy devices have plastic bodies. Most people see this as a bad thing, but I’ve seen so many people with smashed iPhone backs (and fronts) due to the entire phone being made of glass both front and back it’s easy to see why having just the one side made of glass cut’s down peoples repair costs. The amount of times I’ve dropped my Galaxy Note and Galaxy S before that I never suffered with a smashed screen, nor did it do much damage to the plastic casing. Here’s a quote:

Samsung is also insisting that its removable plastic back cover is more durable than other materials, because of its propensity to absorb physical impact.

So either way, whether you think it’s worth being added to the rumour round up or not, here it is!

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[Source: GSM Israel]

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