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The Indie FixWelcome back to the Indie Fix, a column which showcases Indie and games which have slipped under the radar. This week we’ll be covering the medieval FPS from Torn Banner Studios, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare!

FPS games are pretty fun right, I think I speak for everyone when I say, that we all have killed a few hours shooting some faces. Well take the traditional FPS genre, place it in a medieval setting and replace every class with a swordsman, archer, knight and a few others, and you’ve got Chivalry. An FPS which is an experience like no other and an experience which results in something ultimately hysterical and satisfying.chivalry logo art

Developed by Torn Banner Studios, using the stunning Unreal Engine, Chivalry was previously a Half-life 2 Mod released on the Steam store. Much like Dino D-Day and Garrys Mod. Amongst all these  full releases, Chivalry has done pretty well for itself. Unlike Dino D-Day, pretty much every server is full, so you’ll never be short of a packed out match.

Several classes are available, all with different styles and an array of customisable load outs. Interestingly enough, all of these weapons have their own benefits and disadvantages. Classes range from the self explanatory Archer to the quick and agile Man-at-arms. I mostly played the Man-at-arms, and the pole arm wielding Vanguard. They’re both pretty well balanced out, in terms of speed and weapons available. As opposed to the massively heavy Knight and extremely light Archer.

chivalry screen 2There’s a huge variety of weapons and items available to your classes, they’ve got every area covered from, swords, blunt weapons, axes, bows, crossbows and even throwable oil pots.

But where Chivalry really shines is in it’s brilliant map design and fine tuned combat. Combat is melee based, mostly. Attacks and movements need to be well timed to win over your opponent, as do your blocks if you want to stay in the game. Currently Chivalry offers a wide variety of maps, each played in it’s own way, whether it be objectively or just a straight up death match  Within your first few games you’ll be besieging huge castles, fighting in booby-trapped ice lands, getting the death sentence in the gladiator style arena and duelling in mines.

Objective based game play is probably the strong point of Chivalry, game play wise. Each map has you doing a variety of tasks, from slaughtering an entire village to taking down trebuchets, all for your clans victory. And with the new duelling system in place, Chivalry has the potential to launch itself into the competitive market. Chivalry screen 1

Chivalry is an excellent title that has worked it’s way up from a small Half Life 2 mod, into a fully fledged release. Developed on the beautiful Unreal Engine, Torn Banner Studios, have crafted vibrant yet gritty maps and environments to suit the visceral game play. Chivalry is available for a reasonably priced £18.99 over on the Steam Store, get your hands on it, and start smashing some skulls!


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