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The Indie FixWelcome back to the Indie Fix, a column which showcases Indie and games which have slipped under the radar. This week we’ll be covering the quirky roguelike, Dungeons of Dredmor from Gaslamp Games!

Dungeons of Dredmor has been out for almost two years now, I’m sure most of you who are reading this have never heard of it, but then again, that’s why you’re here. Dungeons of Dredmor is a roguelike, and what’s a roguelike?

'Rogue', the original game where the term Roguelike was coined.
‘Rogue’, the original game where the term Roguelike was coined.

A Roguelike is a sub-genre of role playing games. They’ve been around since the 1980’s and originate from the game Rogue. Characterised by level randomisation, permanent death and turn-based movement, they’re very different to your traditional RPG, but offer an unpredictable and often incredibly enjoyable role-playing experience unlike any other standard RPG.

Currently Dungeons of Dredmor has the base game and three optional DLCs, all of which you can purchase on Steam for a very humble £6.99. It’s definitely worth the spend at that price and for what you get out of it.

You assume the role of either a Man or Woman adventurer, upon entering the game, you’re put into a hostile dungeon-crawling environment, each dungeon is randomised, so you’ll never get the same experience every time.

The world is laid out in a tile based format, with each room all interconnected through these tiles. In each room you’ll find monsters, traps and items.

Your characters build/stats are determined through a selection process of seven skills. Something which makes this a unique title, is it doesn’t take itself seriously and is genuinely hilarious. There is 47 skills to pick from, ranging from your typical, sword and mace proficiencies, down to the hilarious Emomancy which “harnesses the power of whatever, and, like, stuff. Maybe there’s some exploding, you know, if you’re up for it” and the Killer Vegan skill which gives you the power of “clean living, moral superiority, and gluten-magic”.

The amusing title-screen showing off the mostly-eyebrows-characters
The amusing title-screen showing off the mostly-eyebrows-characters

They all make the effort to be funny and relate to modern stereotypes in our world today, albeit offensive to some, it sets Dungeons of Dredmor apart from anything I’ve ever played. I’d recommend selecting random for your skill set to get the best experience out of the game.

It’s also worth noting that the difficulty settings are equally as quirky and funny as the skill selection. “Elves just want to have fun”, is the lowest difficulty setting, with “Dwarvish Moderation” and “Going Rogue” coming in as Medium and Hard modes. It’s a good way of telling the player how they want to play the game and just how difficult it will get if you crank it up to, “Going Rogue”.

Throughout the game you’ll come across mounds of items that help you, or try to kill you along the way. Picking up potions is a great way to boost your characters stats, but

dungeons of dredmor screen

what the description does not tell you, is the effect the potion will have on you. Take a drink, it’s not going to harm you, until you least expect it.

During your dungeon-crawling hours you’ll progress your character, enabling you to level up skills, gain quests and even craft new items.

Dungeons of Dredmor is a great little indie title and offers a lot for such a small price. The extra DLC adds more items and extra floors to your dungeons adding depth and replayability. It’s a quirky and unexpectedly funny roguelike, never offering the same experience, Dungeons of Dredmor is a sure fire hit that hasn’t quite gotten the recognition it should have.

Purchase Dungeons of Dredmor through Steam here!

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