As BioShock Infinite is just around the corner I thought I would take a journey back to the year 2007 when the BioShock first started (I know SystemShock was where it started but I’m talking about the BioShock series).

The story of this game is that you crash land in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and you find an underapturer water city called rapture (being the religious reference when all who have sinned stay on earth during the apocalypse). This city was built by a man called Andrew Ryan who wanted to escape the the restrictions of the surface. He wanted his citizens to be able to have their own freedom and earn what they work for. The city goes to hell because the plasmids take over and all people use ADAM to fuel their genetic powers. ADAM can be collected by saving or harvesting little sisters, but you get more ADAM if you harvest them and that has moral choice system. The little sisters are protected by guardians called Big daddies, which look like NFL players in 1930’s diving suits with drill hands, they will beat you into next week if you attempt to take the little sister.

big daddyThis game is hailed one of the best first person shooters of its because it mixed your standard FPS mechanics with the hybrid of an RPG. Because what you can do is upgrade your weapons and  plasmids (I’ll get to that in a minute). Right now to explain what plasmids are, the purpose that they serve in game is that they are powers that you can use and collect throughout the game for example you can fire electric bolts out of you hand or send a swarm of bees. What they do is genetically alter your body in order for you character to use them. When you first encounter your first plasmid you have a bad reaction and pass out because you have never used them before.

The gameplay is fantastic and smooth for game that came out in 2007 because you could switch between your plasmids and firearms in an instant and you could create great combos such as the “one, two punch” with the electro bolt. This was one of the best PC ports of a game along side the elder scrolls IV Oblivion because the graphics were not dumbed down. You can have high res. graphics, but they did not change the gameplay because that happened in GRAW (Ghosts Recon Advance Warfighter) – instead of the game being a first person shooter on the console it was third person shooter.

I adore this game if you haven’t played it I would recommend this game because it is engaging and it’s tense so buy it. You can pick it up below a fiver and it’s worth it.

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