Have you tried to get three people in a bed? How about a cat? Well if the answer is no then Triad is here to fix that. Created by Anna Anthropy & Leon Arnott, Triad is a simple pixel art based puzzle game where you must work out the best possible way to fit three people in a bed.

As crazy as it sounds this little free game is a fun, delightful experience. The core idea is that after what is never known, the trio lose track of time and ask “What is we try all three of us sharing the same bed?”. Thus begins the start of the game. Shaped like Tetris pieces each of the three has different ‘needs’ as well. One tens to flip over in the night, a read-head rolls about and a topless male doesn’t move but rather snore. Lastly, the cat.

TriadTriad isn’t a long game in fact it took me less then half an hour to bear but it’s fun and challenging. It gets you thinking about space and trying to fit the needs of each person. The real kicker here is that the solution, or at least the one i found, was right in front of me. I just didn’t notice it. None the less, for a free little game Triad is fantastic.

If you want to try your hand at solving one of life’s greatest questions, then give Triad a go now for both Windows and Mac. You can download it over at Anna Anthropy’s site.

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