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Turtle BeachEveryone at one point in their Call of Duty lifetime has encountered them. Those people who can hear you running towards them from the other side of the map. This could be just having their volume turned up, but more often than not, its because of the well-known headset brand, “Turtle Beach”.

Turtle Beach’s Ear Force headsets have been on sale for years, and have 18 headsets to their name, for all consoles and PCs. I myself have had 3 Turtle Beach headsets; the X1 and two sets of PX21’s.

The headsets are actually very affordable and won’t break the bank, in contrast to Astro A40’s and the Razer Chimaera. My PX21’s cost £69.99 when I got them from GAME nearly 2 years ago, and they broke just last week (which was my own fault, they had worked through many tough times!).

The main selling point of gaming headsets these days are obviously the sound quality, both from the gaming system and chat, and Turtle Beach have absolutely nailed it. The small controls on the headset wire are easily changed, even for someone of my size! They’re easy to change to everyones personal needs, with Bass Boost controls, Chat controls and obviously a Mute button. The sound exclusion, which prevents you from hearing outside distractions, such as the Mrs calling you, or work asking you to come in on your day off, is incredible.

The ear pieces on all the Turtle Beaches I have worn, have been extremely comfortable. They all arrive with a clear instruction pamphlet, showing you what plugs into where.

The final thing which pulls me to the Turtle Beach Ear Force headsets, after the price, easy set up and great sound quality is the compatibility. I bought the PX21’s not only because of the sleek black look, but because it is compatible for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & PC, and the audio jack can be used for phones, iPods etc.

For the comparably small price to bigger brands such as Razer’s or Astro’s, the Turtle Beaches will greatly enhance your gaming experience!

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